©Christin Lahr, 2005/06,, Painting by Numbers, Monochrome Painting Kit

Complete painting set with everything you need to create your own ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC MASTERPIECE. I_SELF is an individual answer to reproducibility and conformity.

Create a work of art in just a few hours. Simply follow the numbers and discover a new appreciation for some of the greatest masters by coloring carefully rendered painting-by-numbers images. Highlights include masterpieces like: “MONA LISA” (da Vinci), “BLACK SQUARE” (Malewitsch), “MASTERPIECE” (Lichtenstein), “NOT TO BE REPRODUCED” (Magritte),“REFLECTIONS ON INTERIOR WITH GIRL DRAWING” (Lichtenstein), “THE TREASON OF PICTURES (THIS IS NOT A PIPE)” (Magritte), “SELF-PORTRAIT WITH PORTRAIT OF DR. JUAN FARILL” (Kahlo), THE ART OF PAINTING” (Vermeer), “DO IT YOURSELF (NARCISSUS)” (Warhol), “ ERASED DE KOONING DRAWING” (Rauschenberg), “WHO´S AFRAID OF RED, YELLOW AND BLUE IV” (Newman) and many other splendid works, which you can bring alive again. Paint your own masterpiece in monochrome acrylics. Make it your original. No mixing of colors necessary. Captions identify each work of art. There’s no need to worry about the subject matter, composition, or wrong brush strokes. Even without formal artistic training, anyone could be an artist. This painting-by-numbers kit gives incredible attention to detail and artistic technique and is now brought to you to master! While one might think a dictated outline for a painting could result in serial sameness, this is wrong. The age of mechanical reproduction sometimes neglects that every painting has very individual characteristics depending on how the paint was applied.

Never tried painting-by-numbers before? This painting-by-numbers kit is a wonderful compromise between genuine creativity and the comfort and security of following instructions. It is easy to do but not simple, practical for beginners and experts alike. Inspired by the most famous masterpieces I had faced, now personally interpreted and expressed by you. One predetermined template provokes different individual results. Indulge yourself in the artistic process or offer it as a gift to someone special who also loves to be creative.
These kits are ideal for BEGINNERS as well as EXPERTS. Start now!

canvas slide bag
(A) Pre-printed hand-made stretched canvas on canvas frame (B) slide (multi-usable, adjustable sizes)

Contrary to traditional painting-by-numbers kits I_SELF is a MONOCHROME PAINTING KIT. Instead of an extensive and defined color palette, only one single color per image will be used. Choose between one of four primary colors of the CMYK color space. CMYK is a subtractive color model and mainly used in color printing. It is based on Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (=black) and complementary to the RGB color space.

The successful result is an individual MONOCHROME PAINTING, an AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL. Every available motif choice of I_SELF shows myself from the back, facing a famous masterpiece. Your process of painting causes the disappearance of the image. The masterpiece as well as the portrait of myself will be painted over. In the end there is a monochrome painting left whose formal composition is a colored square itself. The final work of art is solely characterized by your individual f low and expressive brush-work, your knowledge about the origin image, the production process and the action itself. The fundamental motif is covered and can be only anticipated with the help of directed illumination. The resulting monochrome painting refuses (the) reproducibility. Finally just being the owner of the self-made original makes the most sense.

Every single REAL ART KIT will be individually produced on demand. It is not manufactured but hand-made and personally arranged by the artist herself. It is made exclusively for you. This work of art based on an acquired masterpiece becomes the starting point for your own work of art now.

The SALE PRICE is according to the real costs of production and shipping, the artistic surplus is as a PRESENT. Based on a predetermined template I_SELF has the capability to become an original, caused by the interaction of the art consumer. The process of painting itself gives each work of art its original expression and character. Each one differs from the others essentially because of the brush-work and the individual history.

Painting-by-numbers, MONOCHROME PAINTING KIT by Christin Lahr

cut off

mona lisa cyan mona lisa magenta mona lisa yellow mona lisa black
MASTERPIECES - FACING DA VINCI, painting-by-numbers, monochrome painting kit, sale item #011

cyan jar magenta jar yellow jar black jar
cyan square magenta square yellow square black square
MASTERPIECES - FACING DA VINCI, monochrome painting

canvas back

Each set contains:

+ 1 Pre-printed hand-made stretched canvas on canvas frame. Convenient 40 x 40 cm size fits almost any wall space. Also available in different sizes.
+ 1 jar of artist acrylic paint (optionally cyan, magenta, yellow or black)
+ 1 artist brush (additionalbrushes of various sizes are recommended)
+ 1 adhesive label with caption (title, year of creation, owner)
+ 1 adhesive label with the signature of the artist
+ Detailed instruction sheet, which will guide you to success.

+ 1 slide (multi-usable, adjustable sizes)
The slide is multi-usable, enables variable sizes (enlarge to fit) and different surfaces. It can be projected directly onto pressed and primed cardboard, stretched and framed canvas as well as walls or even 3-dimensional objects. For better results priming of the particular surface is recommended. One single slide is adapted to produce as many pictures as you like, all for only one price. From tiny pictures to huge murals, anything is possible and can be materialized by you. Your creativity is unlimited.


For every motif there are two levels of difficulty available. "BEGINNERS" is easy and can be quickly done by anybody. "EXPERTS" comes in a higher resolution with more complexity and detail. "EXPERTS" needs brushes of various sizes, concentration and patience.

Yes, some people prefer the look of the primary painting-by-number template and don´t want to paint it over. Or probably destroying the origin masterpiece is categorically not acceptable for them. People who cannot decide should do it à la Warhol and leave parts of the canvas blank and paint others over.

You can find an ever-increasing list of available motif choice on the website. Missing your favored masterpiece? Let me know and I will face the desired masterpiece just for you.

Depending on your specific order the selected motif has to be prepared for the finishing exposed on slide or alternatively printed out on stretched canvas. The slide has to be framed and labeled, the canvas to be mounted, the color jars to be filled. This process may need some time but your patience will be worth your while.